Cookie dough cups

IMG_2477I love Reeses peanut butter cups, and I love cookies. So the simple solution to what to eat next became cookie dough cups! These are quite a high fat treat, so definitely a treat rather than a breakfast idea! But we all need to maintain a balance in life, and a bit of healthy fat in the form of dark chocolate is a good thing every now and then. One is definitely enough to satisfy a sweet tooth, so don’t make too big a batch, keeping them lying around the house could be dangerous.

The recipe makes 6 cookie cups, you will need a cupcake tray and 6 cupcake cases to chill the cups in.


  • 30g Almond Butter I use Pip and Nut
  • 25g Vanilla Whey Protein
  • 35g Lighter cream cheese
  • 5g Agave
  • 10g Dark Chocolate chips
  • 100g Dark Chocolate chips or a bar (to melt down)
  • 30g Coconut oil
  • 10g Chocolate Whey Protein


  1. Start by melting down the 100g Dark chocolate with the coconut oil, in either a microwave, checking every 10 seconds so it doesn’t burn or using a pyrex bowl over a pan on boiled water.
  2. Add the Chocolate whey protein to the chocolate mixture and set aside to start to cool and thicken.
  3. In a new bowl combine the cream cheese and almond butter throughly, add in the agave and vanilla whey protein. It should be a sticky mixture.
  4. Add the 10g chocolate chips to the cookie dough mixture and set aside.
  5. Lay out your 6 cupcake cases in your cupcake tray, and return to your chocolate mix which hopefully will have thickened up a bit by now. using a spoon gently fill the bottoms of the cupcake cases with approx 1 tbsp of chocolate mix, enough to cover the bottom of the case fully. (if you make the bottom layer too thick the cookie dough will sink to the bottom)
  6. Gently place approx 1tsp of the cookie dough mix into the cupcake cases ontop of the chocolate.
  7. Finally top with the rest of the chocolate mix to form the lid of the cookie cup. If your dough is poking out of the top too much you can push it down gently with a chocolate dipped teaspoon.
  8. Leave to chill for minimum 1hour in the fridge and enjoy.


MACROS:(per cookie cup) 207 Kcal/ /14g Fat/ 10g Carbs/ 7g Protein 

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