Duck & Dry

5EBB7611-2098-457D-A43E-6C9CB4BCE7A5As part of my ongoing commitment to feeling good from the inside out, I have made a point of focusing some more energy into doing things that are good for me, mind, body and soul.

I don’t know about you but when I feel good on the outside it helps me to feel good on the inside. Spending time pampering myself, a face mask, an indulgent soak in the bath, all helps contribute to feeling good.

7ADB891F-EADE-4234-8C76-6214ED4CA81BIt’s the same as diet and training, when I’m not on a good path with my diet, and I’m eating rubbish food, I feel rubbish. When I don’t prioritise time to work out, I feel sluggish and uncomfortable in my own skin.

Since becoming engaged I’ve made a point of focusing on all of the above. It might be something symbolic about entering a new phase of my life, but I want to enter into my married life feeling the best I ever have. I don’t want heat damaged hair and greasy skin. I don’t want to feel like I’m carrying an uncomfortable amount of excess weight, or that I’m out of breath running up the stairs because I haven’t been doing any cardio.

As part of my commitment to feeling good I’m taking time to do things I enjoy and that make me feel the best me.

If one thing is bound to make me feel good in myself, it’s getting myself all glammed up. A nice bouncy blowdry and putting on a bit of makeup and a nice outfit. It might seem vain, but I truly think making an effort with myself to look good on the outside helps with how I feel on the inside.


One place I know I can go to that will guarantee me that “feel good” feeling when I leave, is Duck & Dry.

If your based in London or ever up town for a night or day out, and fancy a little pamper, I cannot recommend Duck & Dry highly enough. The first time I discovered them I went with a group of my best friends for one of their birthdays. We had blowdrys and Prosecco, there was even dancing.

Now fast forward to later in the year, and I always make a point of going for a nice blow dry whenever I need a little beauty boost. Because they just focus on blowdrys and braids, their staff are fantastic at them. Did I mention they serve Prosecco.

I’m booked in again with my friend who’s coming down from Glasgow for the weekend, it’s important I show her all of my favourite places in london, and Duck & Dry has fast become my go to place before any occasion.

Check out for more info and to book an appointment.


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