My post bulk diet so far…

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 20.36.41I am now 6 weeks into my weight loss post bulk, and I am 8lbs down. I was aiming for around 1lb per week so I am pleased with my slow but steady weight loss. A big thing I have began doing again is reintroducing cardio back into my lifestyle. Something I have found in the past to be not my favourite thing lets say.

I decided to try and look at some new ways of getting cardio in, ways that were more enjoyable. I started by trying a spin class, working out with friends, and then me and my friend Joy went along to this amazing class at newly opened 9Round Deptford, in South East London. Its a 30 minute kickboxing based circuit HIIT class, with no class times, just turn up and jump into the circuit. Trainers are there to guide you through the circuits and keep you motivated. It was an absolute killer but we loved it. Check out Joy’s Youtube channel  video we made of the session and head over to 9Rounds website for more info. I would also note, I can already massively see that I have lost weight since we made this video a few weeks ago, so it makes me really pleased to think I am seeing results.

I have also bought myself a little second hand bike, after only learning to ride a bike in Bali last September, I  thought it was a good idea to get back on it, and treated myself. The weather has been so lovely in London these last few weeks so getting out on my bike has been really enjoyable, I’m sticking to the park for now don’t worry! But cycling is a great way of getting cardio in, and the wind blowing in my face keeps me cool while I ride around instead of getting puffed out on a treadmill in the gym.

Diet wise I decided not to reduce calories too quickly. I am keeping my fats and proteins the same as they have been on my bulk, and just slowly decreasing my carbs. I was on 200g carbs during my bulk, so decreased down week 1 to 180g, then to 160g, then week 3 went down to 140g. I found I was losing weight quite quickly and then stuck on 140g for the next 3 weeks until weight loss began to stall. I just finished my first week on 120g carbs and I am feeling great for it. I will definitely not drop down again yet until weight loss stalls as I want to keep overall calories as high as possible while managing to lose weight slowly.

I have struggled somewhat getting my head back in the game this time around. I think I was so used to that 6 long months of bulking, and not having to think about the odd treat here and there, knowing it would all even itself out and hey I’m bulking, eat the ice cream. That even though I was excited to get strict, its been hard to. Only 6 weeks in i’m craving dirty burgers and nachos with all the cheese. But that’s ok, its not all about being some super hardcore person who doesn’t crave things, because I’m so damn good at this, I’m not ashamed. Its just about being dedicated, not necessarily motivated to reach my goals, and I WILL.

So that’s about it for now, I am starting to see the changes in my body slowly but surely, and I am so excited to see what I will look like in just another 6 weeks. It is so exciting to have that security of KNOWING not just hoping. I know that in 6 weeks I will be looking better, leaner, more defined. Dieting is a science, it can be a tough science to follow but if followed it will create results. When I drop my calories to 100g carbs I think I will start to carb cycle again so we will see how that goes for a few weeks, but like I said I wont be dropping unnecessarily, so if I continue to lose 1lb a week on 120g carbs I wont reduce any further.

Watch this space!