Who ate all the pies?

image1Pies…pretty much off the menu when dieting, so you would all think. Square Pie have changed all of that with their ‘Proper little pies’. Available to buy from the frozen section in Waitrose, these beautifully created perfectly balanced pies are perfect for a snack, a light lunch, or two for dinner. Over the last week or I’ve been eating pies, and I have been LOVING it!

Pie with salad, pie with mash…even pie and chips made in the Actifry, its been fantastic to eat something so satisfying, and still being safe in the knowledge that I’m not eating something crammed full of unnecessary calories.

The pies come in 3 flavours; Steak and Ale, Chesnut mushroom and borlotti bean, and Spinach, goats cheese and sweet potato. The pies are mini, and come in packets of 4, they bake in around 15-20 minutes and are all under 200kcal a pie.


My favourite of the three flavours has got to be the Steak and Ale, flakey butte

ry pastry and a truly indulgent filling. It reminded me of a seriously good pub lunch pie, and was a really satisfying dinner….AND at only 156kcal per pie!

If you like a good pie I can certainly recommend you give square pie a try….oooh I’m a poet and I don’t know it!

Check them out on social media too @squarepie on instagram and see lots of tasty pictures of pies and pie meal ideas.

More meal ideas, recipes, and blogging to come soon!