Body bands in the gym and at home

IMG_2505Quads, quads, quads, glutes, glutes, glutes. That’s what I’m all about right now. I’m currently reverse dieting, and I will be eventually increasing my calories to above maintenance in order to build myself the dream booty. After months in a calorie deficit it feels amazing, and with it I feel its definitely time to kick my training up a gear.

I weight train with splits of push, pull, legs, and abs, and recently I’ve been finding ways of making my leg days (2 a week) more productive.

I bought these fantastic body bands from Dream Fitness for at home workouts. They are a KILLER, and if your working out at home doing body weight exercises or free squats these are a must buy, and will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your workout.

A few weeks ago I decided to take them to the gym with me, on a whim really, I enjoy using them for hip thrusts, as sometimes I find a barbell on my hips so uncomfortable, but using no weight at all doesn’t quite feel hard enough.

I have now begun adding them into one leg day a week and can really feel that happy burn, burns that little hotter.



Goblet squats – I do 5 sets using the green (medium) resistance band and 5 sets using the red (heavy)  band just above my knees while holding a kettle-bell or medicine ball.






Hip thrusts – With the band just above my knees for added resistance, you can also try a variation on this I have started including, raising one leg at a time straight in front of you, while hooking the band around one knee and the other foot.



Side steps and squats– step apart, squat, together, apart squat and repeat. These are great to add onto your at home workout, or in the gym after traditional squats to create a superset.






Overhead squats–  These are great for focusing on your squat form.  I use the heaviest band (red) and concentrate on going low into the movement.

If you’re looking to step up your in gym workout, or your at home workout I have really found adding in body bands is a great way to do it.

They are reasonably priced, convenient, and can completely transform your workout.


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