Slendertone Connect Abs belt – Product review

slendertoneFirst thoughts:

When Slendertone contacted me about reviewing one of their ab belts, I was initially very skeptical. I have always thought these sort of products were a bit of a gimmick, but after doing some research I saw that there’s actually a lot of good reviews out there for them and decided there was no harm in trying one out myself. As the saying goes ‘be firm about your goals and flexible about your methods’.

I am going to do a weekly log on how I get on with my belt, and I have committed myself to using it for 30 minutes 5 days a week.This version of the well known belt, the Slendertone connect, comes with bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with a really cool app that I have downloaded onto my iphone. The app allows you to control the belt remotely as well as tracks your progress.

When I opened the app I set my activity level as ‘very active’…must have been feeling pretty full of myself that day, but anyway, and I chose the ‘fitness’ program. The app also asked you to pick your motivation, here I chose ‘to strengthen my core’ as that was actually one of my goals for 2017, which prompted Slendertone to contact me.

Week 1:

After a few slightly scary sticky moments getting the gel pads fixed right, I got the belt on and opened up the app on my phone. It was so simple to connect and I love that you are able to change the intensity simply on the app.

The program I selected does tell me how many days and minutes they recommend I wear the belt, however I didn’t see anything about recommended intensity to start on. I suppose everyone is different and its a bit of trial and error. I went for 40 to start with which I felt was a level where I was feeling something going on, but could cope with the contractions and it wasn’t too intense, letting me get used to the sensation.

It is a bit hard to get used to initially, especially when the sensations change. It actually had me giggling at one point because the sensations were so strange, but after a few contractions you get used to the new movement pattern.

Over the week I took the intensity up to 60 then back down to 50. By the end of the week my abs, especially my obliques are definitely feeling like I have had an ab workout, although I don’t, and wouldn’t expect to see any real change in definition just yet.

I will report back next week and let you know how I’m getting on.

Week 2:

I’ve found it slightly harder this week to get my 5 sessions in, hopefully by next week I will get into more of a routine. I would say its probably best to pick a set time and commit to that as when you use it. I have discovered this week that the app actually lets you set reminders, how fantastic is that! Its certainly not something that is difficult to find time to do, however some days with work, the gym, and everything else on top its easy to only remember laid in bed late at night. I have started wearing mine when I cook dinner, as I find that the belt feels more comfortable to wear and is less intrusive when I am standing as opposed to sitting down.

Looking more at the app it has something called fit points, and a weekly target. I haven’t quite worked out what they are yet or what they mean, but its nice to see the numbers going up. The app also gives you the stats for each session showing your max intensity. I have stuck to 60 this week, but have been consistent with it, I plan on trying to up that next week. It is possible to change the intensity level mid tone, but I haven’t played around with that much yet.

All in all its been a good week. My abs have been aching like they would had I done an ab workout, so I do feel like something is going on under there, however I haven’t and wouldn’t expect to see any visible results just yet.

Reporting back next week with more progress!

Week 3:

This week is the first time I actually needed to charge my battery on my abs connect belt. I almost forgot it would need to be charged so I am very impressed with the battery life. The app very helpfully reminded me that it needed charging, and I’ve got to grips with using the app a lot more this week. I also learned this week what the F.I.T points on the app stand for:

F – Frequency- How many sessions you’re doing per week.

I – Intensity – The intensity level you are reaching in those sessions

T- Time – The length of your sessions, as directed by which program you selected.

One thing that I do find odd about the app is that the ‘weeks’ run from Friday to Thursday, which means on my stats some weeks I have only done 4 sessions and others I have 5/6 because of the days I used the belt. This might be because I downloaded the app on a Friday? But I didn’t actually start toning until the Monday, but hey its not the end of the world. Its still a great way to track how you’re doing and you can see a breakdown of every day of the week.

I played around with changing the intensity during the program this week, and found it really easy to do and very effective. During the less intense portions of the toning i managed to go up to 70 and then lowered to around 60/65 in the harder parts. I have really found my obliques especially are feeling the effects.

Overall I am really enjoying using the belt, I find it makes me feel like I  have accomplished something each day I use it, and its so easy to pick up and put on whilst cooking dinner.

Looking forward to seeing how the next few weeks go.

Week 4 & 5:

So these two weeks have been interesting. I went on holiday bang in the middle of the two weeks, so I have merged these two weeks reviews together. I didn’t take my belt away with me due to only having a very small hand luggage, although I think it is such a slim belt if I had had a little more luggage it’s definitely the sort of thing that you could throw in a weekend bag and take away with you.

I made sure I used the belt every day before I went away and have used it every day this week since I got back. I did find that after a few days off my core was definitely weaker and I found it hard to go straight back up to level 60 intensity, so spent a few days on 50.

I suppose it’s the same as exercises in the gym, if I don’t do flat bench press for a week or two I find I come back into it much weaker, so using the belt is something I think is definitely beneficial the more you keep up using it.

Overall 5 weeks in I do feel my core is feeling pretty strong and I am noticing my obliques are popping out a bit more than they were before I started using the belt.

What I also found this week was that having the app meant that Slendertone emailed me to remind me to use my belt after a few days not using it, which I think is amazing.

All in all I am really enjoying using the belt and look forward to dedicating the next 3 weeks to using it strictly the 5 days a week with no interruptions, and seeing the final results after 8 weeks use.

Week 6:

This week marks officially the end of the app’s 6 week ‘fitness’ program, although I will actually be reviewing the Slendertone Connect belt for 8 weeks. To be honest I wasn’t very pleased with myself, my FIT points were not what the app targets for me, and when I saw  that on the screen I was rather disappointed. One thing I would say is that the FIT points seem like  great idea but I lacked direction in how to get them up. I think I should have tried upping the intensity a bit more, and utilising the app to change the intensity during the programs a bit more.

Now I have seen that however it has spurred me on to make these last two weeks really count. I am going to embark upon a new training program, this time I chose ‘Advanced Toning’ sounds pretty good to me. The description calls it ‘The most intense program in the range, delivering 192 powerful contractions to challenge the most advanced toners’. Well hey, I may not be an advanced toner quite yet, but I plan to be.

After 6 weeks I have noticed that my oblique muscles seem to be more visible, which on a bulking body can only be a good thing, and I can truly say I have enjoyed using the belt. After my 8 week review I intend to continue with the belt in order to finish this advanced toning program.

Only two more weeks to go, time to up my intensity and reach those goals.

Week 7:

One more week to go and I’m loving this new program ‘Advanced Toning’. It is quite tough but I think I’ve learnt that if I keep myself busy when I’m wearing the belt, cooking dinner, putting a wash on, I seem to be able to handle a higher level of intensity. Really been working my way up on intensity this week in this new program and currently managing 65/67. I would love to hear what you guys go for in terms of levels?

I had to change my pads on the belt this week, they began to get a bit sticky and started leaving a residue on my stomach. This was at the expected time to change them and also means you can get through a whole 6 week program with one set of pads.

All in all I’m really enjoying using the belt, it makes me feel like I’m doing something productive whilst I’m doing something more mundane, it allows me to feel like I’m getting stronger even when I’m not in the gym. In my research into the belt before I accepted this challenge to review  it I found a lot of research and reviews commenting on people’s emotional satisfaction and how using the belt acted as a mood elevator. I can certainly agree with those findings.

One more week to go before I reveal my before and after photos and see if we can spot any differences. Watch this space!

Week 8:


My 8 week review of the Slendertone ab connect belt has finished! However my journey with slendertone certainly won’t. I have thoroughly enjoyed trialling the belt, and with the final result photos in I can definitely see more definition in my obliques particularly. Considering I have been at the end of a bulking phase it’s surprising to see any result at all, and I really feel a program when I’m leaner would see even greater results. I will most definitely be continuing to use the belt and will share updates on how my abs are looking with the help of the belt when I have finished my cut.

No the slendertone ab belt isn’t magic, it’s not going to make you lose weight or give you a 6 pack of abs on its own. What I have found though is that it helps tighten up that area and after consistent use I have found I could increase the intensity levels and found my core definitely has been left feeling tight and strong, even despite the extra fat I’m currently carrying.

Using the belt is an enjoyable experience, and like so many studies have proven is a great mood elevator and helped with motivation and confidence. Just by using the belt I felt like I was doing something productive with my time, and getting stronger. Having a strong core is one of my main goals for 2017 so I will certainly be continuing to use the belt along that journey.

I wouldn’t reccomend slendertone to someone who just wants a quick fix or wants to see huge results with no effort, but if you live a healthy balanced lifestyle are relatively active and slim and want to see that extra bit of definition for your holiday, or feel stronger in your core then the belt is definitely for you.

I have loved using the belt and I hope you have enjoyed reading about my journey. For more info or to buy yourself a slendertone connect, check out their website

Before and after photos taken 8 weeks apart!



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Chocolate Raspberry brownie bites

img_2425It’s been a while since I created something truly gooey and naughty. For months I’ve been all about the savoury food, so when foodie flavours contacted me to try out their high strength all natural food flavourings I got all excited at the prospect of sweet clean treats again. I started by trying their raspberry flavouring, after a few not so successful creations I finally created these…and boy oh boy are they something. Gooey, delicious and so low calorie….these might be my favourite creation yet.

Please excuse the way they look, it took some time to perfect the recipe, so when I got it right I just went with it. I also am currently lacking a brownie tray so I had to make mine as brownie bites in a cupcake tin. But if I were you I would go brownie tray.

Recipe makes 9 crazy low calorie brownie bites….low enough you could easily cut them double size and double the mixture.


  • 200g Very ripe bananas
  • 80g Applesauce
  • 60g Cacao
  • 40g Pea protein powder
  • 30g Raspberries
  • 20/30 Drops of raspberry foodie flavours flavouring
  • 10g Truvia

NOTE. If your protein powder is flavoured you may not need the extra sweetner. I wouldn’t recommend using whey, but a vegan blend would also be fine.


  1. Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees or gas mark 4 and prepare your brownie tin.
  2. Put the ripe bananas, applesauce, cacao, protein powder, Truvia and flavouring into a blender and blend thoroughly until the bananas are no longer visible. This will be a very thick mix so may take some blending but perservere.
  3. Chop up your raspberries into small pieces and gently mix into your stiff brownie mix.
  4. Transfer to your prepared tin and bake for 20 minutes.
  5. Remove from the oven and let them cool, they get a real fudge texture when cooled so don’t be afraid to refrigerate them and keep a few for another day. If you can keep your paws off them.

MACROS: 55kcal/0.5g fat/10g carbs/4g protein