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My name is Grainne, I’m 25. Welcome to my blog. 

I love baking and all things food, and before March 2015 I did NOT love exercise. That as you might imagine resulted in a gradual creeping up of weight gain. Like many women, my journey of weight loss and self improvement has been a long and slow one, less Hare more slow and steady wins the race.

For as long as I can remember I have been a bit plump. I think I went from age 12-14 tammy girl clothes to a size 12 adult *cue gasps of horror*. I pretty much stayed at a size 12 throughout my teen years and once I fell in love for the first time, all those dinners out and take aways in creeped up on me until I was a 21 year old squeezing into a size 14.

My first heartbreak, otherwise known as the gingerbread house crisis of 2011, was what began my journey of weight loss. I will be honest it probably wasn’t the healthiest diet, and now that I have begun learning about foods and exercise I can look back and see why not all the weight I lost, stayed lost.

Today I am still very much on the journey, but I am now a size 10 even sometimes an 8! But I am healthy, and strong, and learning about my body and what it needs and what it really doesn’t need. Learning that dieting and exercise actually gives me the most wonderful high, and that that feeling of beating your own goals is greater than any elation I had ever felt.


Contrary to my boyfriends belief, I did not get into exercise so we had more in common and to ‘win him over’. He is super into fitness and likes to think I was trying to have more things to talk to him about.

In reality it was a far sadder reason. The day my nan passed away in March 2015 I was so mentally and physically drained from days sat by her bedside, that I felt almost restless when I woke up to discover the worst. For some insane reason I pulled on a pair of trainers and went for a walk in the park. Feeling the cool spring air on my skin and just breathing in the day gave me such a sense of calm. It became addictive, over the coming weeks I carried on going for walks, the walks got longer and turned into light jogs, and before I knew it I was calling up my mum to tell her how proud I was that I could run a mile without stopping to think I was dying!

Looking back 1 mile is now something I can hardly remember struggling to complete, but when you’re trying to improve yourself and your body, it’s your personal goals that matter. Still today my only competition is myself. I am improving my fitness and my body for me, enjoying the journey and finding some fantastic ways to make it fun.

Running was where my passion began, I signed up for a half marathon and completed it in September in 2 hours 33. With only 7 months running experience I was delighted with my time, and 2 weeks later I did a Tough Mudder challenge (albeit with the help of said super fit boyfriend). Now I am focusing on getting my diet right, my in gym training, my protein baking, and I am still working on a challenge to set myself for next year.

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  1. Cengiz Kemal says:

    Good on you!!! Keep up the good work. Sad to hear that something so terrible happened to trigger it off but nether the less you’re doing fantastic!

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