How to enjoy Christmas

img_9420My top tips on how to enjoy Christmas…without hating yourself for it afterwards.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not this time of year we are absolutely surrounded by tasty treats, gooey cheeses, chocolates, carbs and more chocolates, all for you to enjoy, and you should. We all should be able to enjoy Christmas, but what really is the most enjoyable thing about it? Is it stuffing that 9th quality street in your mouth when your already stuffed from a huge roast dinner, not to mention the handful after handful of honeyed nuts you ate before. Or is it really, the time off work and time spent with the ones you love. 

If your lucky enough to spend Christmas with loved ones I am certain it’s the latter.  

I love Christmas, I love spending time with my family, and my boyfriend and his family. I love giving and receiving gifts, celebrating the year and remembering those that are sadly no longer with us. I also love the food, all those Christmas flavours, but let’s be realistic let’s do this in moderation people. So here’s my top tips for getting through the season. 

  • Pick one festive treat you really want and eat it. Don’t eat all the crappy tinned chocolates just because they’re there. Say to yourself you know what I LOVE after eight mints and after my dinner Christmas evening I’m gonna sit there and eat them. As many as I like. No ones saying only have 5.  But don’t eat everything. Don’t eat the after eights then suck on candy canes and gingerbread houses just because. Listen to your body. You don’t need to feel stuffed just because it’s Christmas. You are not Santa. 
  • Stay away from the festive hot drinks. They are crazy calorific and they are a treat. If you’ve been craving that Black Forest hot chocolate all year get a small and get it once. For those calories you could probably eat your whole Christmas dinner. Just be mindful. Stick to the peppermint tea. You’ll have enough calories to consume on the few days over Christmas no need to indulge on the surrounding weeks. Especially on things that are hardly worth it. 
  • Don’t use Christmas as an excuse not to train. If anything it’s more important with all the extra food you’ll be consuming. Get in the gym and turn those roasties into gains. Make the gym fun, with friends having time off work and gyms excitedly awaiting the January crowd your bound to get a few free guest passes. Bring a pal and show them how hard you work. Most gyms are open restricted hours over Christmas but they are open. Try to make time for a session or two. You’ll feel a lot better about the mince pies 
  • Watch the alcohol. It’s easy to opt for wine and prosecco but try making some low calorie cocktails for your family. Gin, vodka, diet mixers, fruits. I’ll post a few low calorie festive cocktail recipes in my next post for you to enjoy and make for your families. 
  • Enjoy your dinner. From start to end. Savour every bite. Stuff your face full of brussel sprouts and pigs in blankets. Just enjoy that meal with your family. Eat the dessert hell sample all the desserts. But when dinner is done it’s done. Yes enjoy a chocolate in the evening but those calories are still calories don’t waste them just because. That’s not the spirit of Christmas that’s gluttony. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas remember what it’s about and enjoy any time off you might have with people you love. Be grateful for what you have and don’t reverse how hard you’ve worked all year for one weekend. 

Merry Christmas to you all.

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