Ordering meat hampers online

Processed with Snapseed.If you haven’t yet dipped your toes into the water of ordering your meat online you must give it a go. Eating healthily, whether to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain your weight, is the hardest part of living the fit life. Live Lean UK delivering my meat fresh to my door have made managing my food so much easier.

Before I had my meat delivered I would find myself buying fresh meat without any pre planning 2/3 times a week. Not only is it a far more expensive to do things that way, but it also makes planning healthy meals a lot harder and makes picking up ready made things much more tempting.

Having a freezer full of meat ready to go, means I have to plan my meals and defrost accordingly. Its also far less hassle and a far cheaper way to eat, especially when your eating as much meat as I do.

Most recently I ordered this ‘ 82 Piece Hamper‘ its currently priced at £59.95 and provides me with enough meat to last the whole month! If my boyfriend nabs some chicken here and there it still lasts me a good 3 weeks.

This hamper comes with a whopping 5kg of chicken breasts, which is approx. 24 breasts. I eat these mainly for lunches during the week. As soon as the box arrives I get to work portioning the chicken out into individual freezer bags so its easy to defrost. Couldn’t be more convenient. It also comes with a variety of different meats, from pork sausages, to meatballs, rump steaks, and the most incredible minced beef. All for £59.95!

Eating a variety of different meats is ideal for any diet, these money saving hampers are an excellent way to make dieting easy for you, and keep an eye on my blog for some exciting recipe ideas on what to do with you meat too!

If you fancy giving Live Lean a go enter CWPS in the discount code box for £5 off your order!

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