Want meat? Live Lean UK

img_6186Wow…meat delivered to your door, and not just any meat, high quality British meat, sourced from the highest welfare farms, where the animals enjoyed a free and natural life.

When I first heard about Live Lean I was already getting a regular meat delivery from a rival company. When I saw Live Leans website, I loved the modern look of the site, and the look of their fantastic money saving bundles. Although similar to its rival,  I was keen to see what the differences were.

Sourcing high quality meat is important to me, but so is value. Eating the amount of protein I eat to try and build and maintain muscle, as I’m sure many of you know can be so expensive. Live Lean is an ideal way to get high quality meats, all in one place, delivered to your door, with a quality you can trust.

Live Lean do some amazing bundles too, and they sell a huge range of meats from the humble chicken breast all the way to exotic crocodile. The bundles give you a chance to add in some foods you wouldn’t usually try, which is great for your diet, as a varied diet keeps your metabolism on its toes and stops diet food or ‘clean’ food being boring.

If you have never tried a meat delivery service before, or even if you have, I urge you to give Live Lean UK a go. Having meat delivered in bulk in this way saves so much time, energy and money on your weekly food shop. Now I know this way of life, I just wont be able to go back. I used to spend £4.50 in the supermarket on 4 tiny chicken breasts, each weighing between 120-150g, being full of water and having no flavour. On Live Lean  you can get 5kg (approx 24) Huge 200g approx juicy chicken breasts with no added water, for £24.95.

Top things I love about Live Lean:

  • You can go on their website and read about the farms where your food comes from.
  • They sell a huge variety of lean meats.
  • Value for money.
  • High quality British meat.
  • Fast home delivery.
  • Amazing offers in bulk buys and bundles.
  • It makes meal prepping so easy.

If you do want to give them a go, as an added bonus the lovely people at Live Lean UK have given me a £5 discount code….and guess what its reusable.

Use code: CWPS

Let me know what you think of them!


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