Beauty Tonic’s Slim tonic review

IMG_5221I decided it was time to start introducing some more supplements into my diet, I have tried the fat burner Nutrex Lipo-6 Hers before, and although I initially noticed a boost in my energy, I’m not convinced it did much in terms of boosting metabolism.

Beauty Tonics Slim Tonic claims to be ‘a powerful blend of natural ingredients that help promote healthy weight loss through suppressing your appetite, speeding up your metabolism and reducing dietary fat and sugar absorption’

All sounds good so far. So  I thought it would be worth a try.

When I received my Slim Tonic I was immediately taken by how lovely the bottle was, a bit of good branding goes a long way with me, and I was impressed with how professional and clean cut it looked.

Day one:

I took two tablets this morning with breakfast, the dose is two a day, and on the website they advise two with breakfast or one with breakfast and one with lunch. As with most fat burners, they contain ingredients which help boost energy levels so its not recommended to take them too late in the day. I find just taking them with breakfast is easiest for me, no worries about forgetting to take them then. I love that the dose is just two tablets. Nutrex Lipo-6 Hers was 6 tablets a day, which when taken alongside Vitamin C, BCAAs etc meant I was tossing a handful of tablets down my mouth twice a day. Two of these doesn’t feel like too much trouble. After today  I am actually left feeling surprisingly full of energy, I wasn’t sure I would feel any change after just one dose but I really do think I do. Energy levels have been great and I definitely haven’t felt any urges to snack, so perhaps the appetite suppressant is doing something too. After just one day  I wouldn’t like to give to much of a verdict, but so far so good.

Day three:

I’ve swapped to decaf coffee and tea today. It used to get to about 2/3pm and I would really be craving a coffee, probably in need of caffeine rather than the coffee itself! But the last few days I haven’t felt that urge at all. I decided today to swap any coffee out for decaf just so I don’t overload, as I have noticed these pills have definitely worked in giving me a wonderful energy boost.

Day 14:

Re-introduced small amounts of caffeine to my diet, just really for convenience and because no decaff coffee tastes as good as the real thing! Feeling fantastic and despite upping my calories I am feeling lean and fit. Definitely haven’t felt the urge to binge and my diet has been on track.

Day 30:

Very sad that the pretty pot of pills has come to an end, but its nice to be able to conclude that my month spent on Slim Tonic has left me feeling lean, slim, fit, and whats more motivated to continue. That extra kick of energy has really helped fuel my workouts, and the boost to my metabolism it claims to give, I really feel has assisted in keeping me lean whilst upping my calories.

To conclude:

If you are looking for a fat burner supplement that wont make you feel all jittery and high on caffeine but will assist in boosting your metabolism and energy levels I would recommend Slim Tonics. Everyone’s bodies will react differently to different things, but for me personally I feel this really worked well as a supplement and did just as advertised.

With an excellent list of ingredients found on the website here, I wasn’t surprised that I enjoyed my month on them.



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