Luke’s Breakfast Pancakes

IMG_1676I was lucky enough a few weekends ago that my boyfriend decided to make ME breakfast. This is somewhat of a rare occassion, so definitely called for celebration. With a little guidance from me he came up with this fantastic protein pancake recipe. Its totally fool proof and makes 6 fluffy pancakes the size I make them, or 4 huge fluffy man size ones.



  1. Start by blending the Oats. (If you have a nutribullet or similar smoothie blended type gadget, just put all ingredients into it and blend…Voila)
  2. If you don’t, blend the oats, add in the protein powder, and baking soda.
  3. Finally whisk in the eggs and almond milk.
  4. Heat up your pancake pan with a little coconut oil and once it is very hot ladel the mix onto the pan.
  5. Wait for the bubbles to appear, and to pop before flipping.
  6. Enjoy fantastic light fluffy pancakes.

MACROS (per pancake when batch makes 6): 109Kcal/ 3.1g Fat / 7.8g Carbs/13.3g Protein 

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