Blueberry Protein Pancakes

IMG_0412 (1)I’ve finally cracked it. A simple easy to make thick fluffy pancake recipe with low carbs low fat and high protein! Hurrah!

I love pancakes, I really miss them dieting but I have just never found I could make protein pancakes a success. Finally I have got the hang of it and I today on high carb day I majorly indulged in these!

The recipe makes 2 small sized pancakes, depending on your diet or not diet as the case may be you can easily double this up and have 4 for breakfast.

Full macros for these are listed below but I thought for a more accurate idea I would show you that for the plate of pancakes pictured (high carb day for me) of 4 pancakes topped with yoghurt, fruit and The protein works zero maple syrup.

MY PLATE: 432Kcal/42g Carbs/6g Fat/ 53g Protein 


  • 20g Oats
  • 40g Cottage cheese
  • 15g Vanilla whey protein powder
  • 4tbsp Egg whites (equivalent to the whites from 4 large eggs)
  • 1/2 tsp Baking powder
  • 20g Blueberries (can be omitted or replaced with alternatives)


  1. Keeping the blueberries to one side, blend all ingredients together either with a hand blender, or I use my nutribullet.
  2. Heat up your pan with coconut oil (I use to 1 kcal spray version) and once your pan is hot ladel on 1/2 of the mix nto the pan. Then quickly drop 4/5 blueberries ontop of your pancake.
  3. As the batter bubbles up and bubbles pop slide a thin spatula underneath the pancake and flip to cook both sides.
  4. Serve and eat warm from the pan!

Serving suggestions: blueberries, raspberries, lemon juice, fage total 0% fat greek yoghurt, waldens farm syrups, the protein works zero syrup.

MACROS per pancake (with blueberries): 103Kcal/ 1.4g Fat/ 9.9g Carbs/12.6g Protein 

MACROS per pancake (without blueberries): 97Kcal/1.4g Fat/8.4g Carbs/12.5g Protein



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