Muscle Food making dieting easy

IMG_5596Wow! What a discovery Muscle Food was! The name alone scared me initially. When my boyfriend first mentioned I should do an order, frankly I felt like I was getting a bit above my station. Although I am training hard, and I am seeing results I do not claim to be a body builder, and just the name muscle food implied to me that it basically wasn’t for me. Oh how very wrong was I.

Not only do they do fantastic deals for new customers, on going incentives and offers, but their standard prices are insane! At current prices you can go online and order 5kg of good quality, high protein chicken breasts for £25!!!! I KNOW! The chicken breasts come in two packages, and I strongly advise that you buy yourself some freezer bags and as soon as the chicken arrives pop two breasts in each freezer bag and freeze them in pairs, that way they are easier to grab a couple and defrost when you need them. Each breast weighs around 200g which is perfect for my diet, and contain a massive 44g of protein.

They do a wide and wild selection of meats from Chicken breasts, to Zebra steaks and Bug burgers. They also offer next day delivery if you order by 7pm, and the box it comes in can keep your meat cool for up to 48 hours if you miss your delivery for some reason.

The best discovery I have made at Muscle Food however is something called Joseph’ s high protein, reduced carb pita breads. I go for the normal sized ones, although they do come in a large. They are a tiny 50kcal per pita, and contain 4.9g protein. Not only that but they are really genuinely tasty. Bread is something I had missed the most being on a relatively low carb diet plan, and the first day I took a bite out of one of these babies I could have honestly cried.

The meat is such great value, prior to this I was paying £6 for 4 chicken breasts from Sainsburys, thats £2 a breast. With Muscle Food the chicken breasts are bigger, contain more protein, and come in at around £1 a breast. Not only is it a great way of bulk buying to help with your food prep; remember fail to prepare, prepare to fail, but eating a lot of meat can get expensive and this is a fantastic way of saving money for the whole household.

For my lunch today I had two Joseph’s pita breads stuffed with one Muscle Food 200g chicken breast, 1/2 an avocado mashed up with a squeeze of lime juice, a handful of lettuce leaves, and a pinch of salt and pepper. The whole meal came in at 415kcal/Carbs 18g/Fat 15g/Protein 56g.

The moral of the story is, get yourself over to muscle food and take a look. You will not be disappointed. It’s great for anyone dieting, not just the dieters who already have big muscles…its for the ones who strive for them too.

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